Wedding Cake , Josh Cole

Wedding Cake, Josh Cole

Josh Cole Glass Tools

Josh Cole has been blowing glass since 2001. Through the experience of making work in many studios, with many different people, and the experience of building a studio, Josh developed preferences for tools that didn't exist commercially. He wanted aspects of old master's tools, like Ivan Smith and Dino Tedeschi, combined with aspects of various other tools he used over the years. He began with a pair of tweezers, designing them to fulfill his own needs in the studio. After making tweezers for friends and finding they liked them, he started getting orders through word of mouth. Now, with a line of hand tools developed, Josh offers his lovingly crafted tools to the public.

Above all, Josh believes in making high quality tools that are designed with the artist in mind. Because of this, he is committed to customizing his line of tools to the artist's needs, and designing special tools when an artist wants something that doesn't yet exist.

What's next for Josh Cole Glass Tools? Josh is currently developing his jacks and cork paddles, which will be available for purchase soon.